Interjection Calendar
The Interjection Calendar is an online project, devised and hosted by Montez Press. Each month an artist or writer is commissioned to produce a new piece of work for release on our website. The PDF can be downloaded for free and there are 12 releases per year, in line with the calendar theme. At the end of the year the collection is published, demonstrating a diverse range of collaborations and experimental works. The calendar reflects the current importance of online content media, pushing image/text relationships in this domain through contemporary art writing.

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2021/09 Gabi Davies – CISLESS


Gabriella Davies (she/her) is a 29 year old artist who has run away from being poor and marginalised in Stoke to live the artist's dream of being poor and marginalised in London. Previously described as ‘a reasonable balance of swearing & insight’ and ‘chic & tacky all at the same time’, she's a working-class trans woman from the midlands with an answer for everything. Known as the queen of one-liners, with a knack for killer titles, she plays to her strengths; taking class and gender and turning them on the world as her lens.

Gabi received her MA from Royal College of Art in 2019, and served as the institution’s first openly trans SU president. She is also a member of Babeworld, was selected as part of Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2020, completed a digital residency with Deptford X, and was shortlisted for the Institute of Contemporary Arts New Creatives programme.

2021/08 Odie Spinelli – Friends and Comrades:


Odie Spinelli is a non-binary working class multidisciplinary artist from Minneapolis, MN, United States. Their work is rooted in their experience with addiction, mental health and illness, gender, sexuality, politics, and relationships. Known as @not.yr.boyfriend on Instagram, their colourful, introspective memes are meant to be a healing voice amongst a sea of depression memes and infighting. Aside from memes they produce other content such as writing, zines, jewellery, and have a rich history of performance art and curation in the Minneapolis queer scene at spaces like Madame and Patrick's Cabaret.

2021/07 Mark Schoenfeld – A Million Miles Off


Mark Schoenfeld (he/him) is an ex-evangelical, recovering public school teacher, and disgruntled Texan. His writing seeks to contextualize his experiences within the larger systems that have impacted his and so many others’ lives. Mark lives in Missoula, Montana with his wife and young daughter, where he is pursuing his MFA in Creative Writing.

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