Interjection Calendar
The Interjection Calendar is an online project, devised and hosted by Montez Press. Each month an artist or writer is commissioned to produce a new piece of work for release on our website. The PDF can be downloaded for free and there are 12 releases per year, in line with the calendar theme. At the end of the year the collection is published, demonstrating a diverse range of collaborations and experimental works. The calendar reflects the current importance of online content media, pushing image/text relationships in this domain through contemporary art writing.

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2023/05 Chloe Filani – A Lady Of The Night, A Victorian Tale


Chloe is an artist, performer, poet, writer and Black Feminist, working with her lived experiences as a Black Trans woman of Nigerian, Yoruba and Eshan heritage. Her work examines the broader themes of identity and power structures. Using poetics, she harnesses language, movement, visuals, sound, and most importantly her voice, to articulate and convey ideas of self-expression. Through her practice she speaks with the past, present, and future self; thinking of the connections, communication, and spirituality of Blackness Transness and Womanhood; and explores community and bonding with Black women n femmes through shared artistic journey.

2023/04 Daisy Thomas – If luck ever comes, let it be backdated


Daisy Thomas is a Welsh poet & barista in London. She graduated from Goldsmiths with an MA in Creative Writing in 2020. Poems in Ludd Gang, Penny Thoughts, Poetry London, and others.

2023/03 Aliaskar Abarkas – Falling


Aliaskar's practice spans various mediums such as docufiction writing, visual art & site-specific installations. In addition, he conducts lectures, hosts radio shows and leads community whistling choirs. Aliaskar is an associate artist at Open School East. He completed a BA and MA in Fine Arts and Theory of Art at the Goldsmiths University of London and from the University of Tehran. Aliaskar was an associate artist and researcher at Advanced Practices, The New Centre for Research & Practice and Syllabus V, amongst other international programmes.

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