Interjection Calendar
The Interjection Calendar is an online project, devised and hosted by Montez Press. Each month an artist or writer is commissioned to produce a new piece of work for release on our website. The PDF can be downloaded for free and there are 12 releases per year, in line with the calendar theme. At the end of the year the collection is published, demonstrating a diverse range of collaborations and experimental works. The calendar reflects the current importance of online content media, pushing image/text relationships in this domain through contemporary art writing.

2020/06 Miranda Shutler – The Daydreamer and the House


Miranda Shutler is an Australian born photographer, artist, DJ, dog sitter and architecture lover. After completing her Bachelors in architecture, she moved to London to pursue a professional career in the field. Two and a half years later she's now found herself away from the 9-5 world, instead completing personal projects in design and architecture and delving into other creative avenues. She is the founder of the platform ROARK, which aims at exploring the relationship between humans and architecture through photography, poetry and art. She has also created multiple radio shows and a sound piece looking further into this relationship for Montez Press Radio.

2020/05 Saucy Sez (Sarah Smith) – Most People Prefer Lies


My practice lies within the realm of documentary, the seen and the unseen, the spoken and the unspoken. The basis of my work investigates internal truth and voice, the truth of the day to day, the eye, the heart and the head. The truth is supposed to be safe. The truth is supposed to be trustworthy. The truth should be evident. The truth is terrifying. My truth, your truth, their truth...the truth is seldom gentle, never kind and often hurts. Most people prefer lies.

2020/04 Elise Wortley – Have You Ever Listened to a Waterfall Until You No Longer Hear It?


Elise is an explorer, writer and illustrator currently living in London, UK. After graduating with a degree in Fine Art, Elise decided to switch career paths to work in adventure travel, enabling her to travel extensively and eventually organise her first Woman with Altitude journey. Elise also works part time as an illustrator and is currently producing an all-female created feature film, following her first journey through the Himalaya. Throughout her project Elise has been raising funds for relating women’s charities, the most recent charity from Scotland being Scottish Women’s Aid. With the current COVID-19 restrictions in place, it is likely that the lockdown will be used to further abuse by perpetrators. Women’s Aid urgently need to raise £200,000 to keep their support services running. If you would like to donate, you can do so via their website:

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