Montez Press
Montez Press Inauguration at Palazzo Visconti in Milan
April 03, 2014

The inauguration of Montez Press was marked with a celebration in the ballroom of Palazzo Visconti in Milan. The program underlined the spirit of Montez Press and embraced inclusivity and collective humor. Members of Montez Press as well as Montez contributors performed and gave an overview of present and future collaborations. Readings and presentations included work by Huw Lemmey, the SALT. Magazine editorial team (Hannah Regel, Saira Edwards, Thea Smith, and Jala Wahid), Anna Thew, and Pfeil Magazine contributors Bärbel Trautwein and Janina Krepart…and many more!

"The white edition of the room. Orchids on the shelf. The Supermodel popped up to make a short interview with the architect. She is short in time but has many questions. The architect is sitting in a white organically shaped chair. The Supermodel too. The Supermodel is wearing a light dress, she wears her hair in a certain style. She creeps. Maybe the air-conditioning is not set correctly. The architect is wearing a dress that is different from the Supermodel’s but similar. The architect wears her hair in a certain style. The Supermodel starts the conversation:" * Excerpt from "The Interview", Bärbel Trautwein, Der Pfeil 3: Meltdown, published February 2014