Montez Press
SALT. #8
Noli Me Tangere

‘What do we desire when we desire other people? Not them. Something else.’ (Euripides, via Anne Carson, Grief Lessons, 2006)

It is this void that we are trying to grasp at. This issue aims to overthrow the privileging of the visual in favour of the sensorial. It is an inherently feminist art practice to muddy the translation between the seeable and the sayable. The parasitic nature of love, lust, and touch are examined throughout. Freud’s aphorism, ‘touch is the first act of possession’ hovers over the issue like a threat.

Contributors: Alex Symons Sutcliffe, Alix Marie, Bronte Dow, Bryony Quinn, Chantal Faust, Clair Le Couteur, Deborah Birch, Freya Field-Donovan, George Nesbitt, Hannah Regel, Holly White, Isabella Smith, Jala Wahid, Jennifer Boyd, Jessica Ramm, Jessie Harris, Lauren Goddard, Lyle St, Madeleine Stack, Marina Xenofontos, Nancy Lin, Olivia Foster, Rozsa Farkas, Samara Scott, Sarah Boulton, Sikarnt Skoolisariyaporn, Thea Smith

ISBN 978-3-945247-17-4

Year: 2016

Format: 148 × 210 mm

Binding: perfect bound

Pages: 142

Price: £ 10.50