Montez Press
Montez at Material Art Fair CDMX 2018
February 28, 2018

As an artist run publisher at Material Art Fair, Montez Press presents a sound installation of the Interjection Calendar, bringing it off the page and screen and into physical, interactive space.

Each month, the Interjection Calendar commissions an artist or writer to produce a new text based piece to be released as a free, downloadable PDF on the Montez Press website, demonstrating a diverse range of experimental work.

Those twelve texts are presented here as audio pieces in which the artists and writers read, performed, and commissioned recordings of their work. A bench, a sculpture in its own right, aligns the sound pieces and serves as a 3D invitation to the fair visitors to pause and listen. In this spatial translation of the Interjection Calendar, the long bench can be thought of as the spine of a book, holding the single parts together.

These works, once available online as free PDFs, will be taken offline in the beginning of 2018, reflecting the logic of online media content and pushing image/text relationships in this domain through contemporary art writing. Released as a print publication after 12 months online, the entire print run of 365 Interjection Calendar 003 copies will also be displayed at Material Art Fair.

Artists include: Tiziana La Melia, Harmony Grunge, Georgia Anderson, Penny Goring, Sarah Gail, Adam Gallagher, Hans-Christian Dany, Liv Fontaine, James Loop, Rosanna McNamara and Ruth Angel Edwards