Montez Press
Pfeil Magazine #12

Deriving from the ancient Greek word oikonomía, from oikos (‘house’, ‘household’) and nemein (‘assign’/’divide’) to describe the activity of the oikonomos (‘housekeeper’), this issue focuses on actions of economic production, sale, exchange, consumption, circulation, distribution and recycling or disposal of any sort of good or capital. Inside, among others, are the topics of cur- rencies, social media and attention economies, meat, sex and intimacy, pink-washing, vodka and watermelon, and whether car gas is more harmful than cigarette smoke.

Alice Creischer, Claudia Pagès, Constance DeJong, Cordula Ditz, Emily Pope, Eva Illouz, Ewa Wo- jciak, Gabriel N. Rosenberg, Gina Fischli, Hans-Christian Dany, Harry Gamboa Jr., Janina Krepart, Karl Holmqvist, Lila de Magalhaes, Lucas Regazzi, Lucy Beech, Marvin Moises Almaraz Dosal, Monika Senz, Nicole Wermers, Noah-Jinu Moerbeck, Richard E. Whittle, Shira Lewis, Stacy Skolnik, Theodore Barrow, Thomas Laprade, Tobias Peper, William Schwartz and 650mAh.

Anja Dietmann

ISBN 978-1-9160634-5-7

Year: 2020

Format: 233 × 330 mm

Binding: perfect bound

Pages: 58

Price: £ 12.00