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Pfeil Magazine 7

There are different ways to flip one page to get to the next. Mostly used for this action is the forefinger in connection with the thumb. First, the thumb slides underneath one leaf, then the forefinger joins by tipping onto the visible page, while the pinky, ring, and middle fingers provide outstretched support. During this process, thumb and forefinger are connected, with only a single sheet separating them. In this way, forefinger and thumb form a ring. Regardless of the visual ability of the reader or the quality of the reading material itself, this gesture could be read as a sign of excellence, an o.k. in diving communication, or even indication of one part of a pair of glasses, like a monocle. But certainly this gesture would take place somewhere else. For the monocle, the circled thumb and forefinger would be in front of one eye, and in the other instances the whole hand would be raised in the air or even under water.

Contributions by: Tomoo Arakawa, Ceal Floyer, Fort, Harry Gamboa, Karl Holmqvist, Clara Jo, William Joys, Moritz Lacler, Michaela Schweighofer, JR Wallner and Phillip Zach.
Editors: Anja Dietmann, Janina Krepart

ISBN 978-3-945247-23-5

Year: 2017

Format: 240 × 340 mm


Pages: 104

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