Montez Press
James Joyce
Ulysses: The Only Thing That’s New Is Us

In the 8th century, soon after writing the Iliad , Homer wrote its sequel, The Odyssey, another epic poem about the Trojan War. Twelve centuries later, James Joyce used the structure of The Odyssey as a framework for his novel Ulysses. He published it in installments from 1918 to 1920 in The Little Review before it was published by Sylvia Beach in its entirety in 1922. Nine and a half decades later, Montez Press invited a diverse group of artists and writers to occupy Mathew NYC, a gallery in Chinatown, for the second year of our residency program. The residents were asked to create 18 distinct works, each inspired by a chapter of Ulysses. This new edition of Ulysses features their interpretations, complimenting and complicating the great epics from which they are borne, reminding readers that time changes, but our concerns—mortality, identity, sex, justice, love—remain the same. The only thing that’s new is us.

Adjua Gargi Nzinga Greaves; Al Bedell; Anaïs Duplan; Brandon Johnson; Candice Iloh; Cooper Larsen; Erin Sweeny; Georgette Maniatis; Harry Burke; James Loop; Kiran Puri; Molly Hagan; Mylo Mendez; The Nettles Artists Collective; Niina Pollari; Rindon Johnson; Saretta Morgan; Shaira Chaer; vei darling; Yoma Ru; Whitney Claflin

ISBN 978-1-9999681-5-1

Year: 2018

Format: 150 × 210 mm

Binding: hard cover

Pages: 704

Price: £ 40.00

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