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RED TORY: My Corbyn Chemsex Hell

Tom Buckle is an ambitious young moderate Labour apparatchik, rising happily through the party bureaucracy on a diet of bottomless brunches, legitimate concerns and drug-fueled Blairite sex parties. That is until he meets Otto, a charismatic young radical whose urge for cocks, communism, and a mysterious plot for the victory of the holetariat opens his eyes to a changing world. Finding himself thrown into a chaotic new political landscape of pigfucking PMs, frog-frenzied neonazis and falafel-throwing communists, Tom has to pick a side. Will he manage to find a third way to a safe seat, or will Corbyn’s terrifying red horde make his moderate mission impossible? And can Tom resist the most seductive of all highs — pure, high-grade socialism, main-lined straight into London’s clogged and throbbing veins?
So much for a kinder, gentler form of politics!

Huw Lemmey is a writer and author. He writes on culture, politics and sexuality, and is the author of a novel, Chubz. He has written for Architectural Review, Guardian, Tribune, Art Monthly, the New Humanist, Rhizome, and L’Uomo Vogue, amongst others.

“Philip K Dick meets Stewart Home. Red Tory is the hallucinogenic gay commie porno love story we all need right now. I snorted every line of it. Spitzenproduke uses the delirium of erotic revolu- tion to negate the consensual fantasy of middle-of-the-road politics, which lands us, in a sort of double negative, back in the real potentials of our everyday sensory lives. All power to the power bottoms!” — McKenzie Wark

“Despite its terminally unlikeable characters and woefully depressing backdrop of Brexit era Britain, you’re unlikely to nd a funnier, sexier, or smarter piece of satire. Red Tory – My Corbyn Chemesex Hell is everything the title promises: a tell-all espionage ction, detailed documentation of the current political climate, and biting (literally) critique of liberal male homosexual culture. It’s also really hot – I’d recommend reading on the train, with the cover clearly visible.” — Linda Stupart

“Gifted both with a vivid erotic imagination and sharp political insight, Huw Lemmey has created a satire adequate to the bleak fears and wild hopes birthed by our times. This novel is a sweet love story, an acidic political parody and a bell tolling for centrism, a multisensory post-Brexit romance radiating wild communist dreams.” — Hannah Black

Release date: April 25th at Studio Voltaire London

ISBN 978-1-9160634-0-2

Year: 2019

Format: 95 × 150 mm

Binding: soft cover with jacket

Pages: 400

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