Montez Press
SALT. #7

Against the currency of the ‘post-identarian’, Heterophobia explores the productive possibilities of the phobic, the suspicious, and the negative as responses to the increasing culture of the visible in which the queer functions in the present. Following in lead of the political right’s recent call to protect their phobia as basic freedom, Heterophobia explores the ways in which a fearful response to heteronormative structures and ideals, often in the name of equality, might provoke new chains of affect and desire which might restructure the very processes by which fear and/or love is named. Guest edited by Villa Design Group.

Contributors: Aliza Shvarts, Samuel Kenswil and Christopher Whitfield, Juliana Huxtable, Kristian Vistrup Madsen, Huw Lemmey, Elliott Fairweather, Owen G. Parry, Maria Toumazou, James Sturkey, Rosanna McLaughlin, Hatty Nestor, Anna Thew, Indrani Ashe, Rosie Renolds, Daniella VG, Rose Goddard

ISBN 978-3-945247-15-0

Year: 2015

Format: 148 × 210 mm

Binding: perfect bound

Pages: 280

Price: £ 14.50

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