The Interjection Calendar

  • Liv Fontaine
    Selected Performance Texts And Thoughts On Sluttery And Fuckery

    Liv Fontaine is an artist, writer and performer from Southampton, UK where she lives and works.. Her practice explores and dissects ideas associated with power, pleasure and failure within relationships. Focusing on strident stereotypes and inappropriate appropriations, she pursues truth and emotion in absurdity presented as normality -specifically relating to sex, agency and the gendered history of art.

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  • James Loop
    In the Apartment of Divine Love

    James Loop writes and lives in New York City.

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  • Rosanna McNamara
    Productive Mimesis and 'parler-femme': A Theory Towards Becoming A Siren

    Rosanna McNamara is an artist and writer based in London. She was awarded the Hanson Prize for Philosophy of Religion by King's for her masters thesis titled '(Re)claiming the Cyborg: an investigation into feminist prophecies of gendered technological embodiment in female contemporary performance art, with specific reference to Donna Haraway's 'A Cyborg Manifesto' (1985)'. Her research often centers around feminist theory and politics, particularly Luce Irigaray and Donna Haraway, and her current practice explores modes of embodiment in vocal performances that make use of lip-syncing and karaoke. 

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  • Audrey B

    Audry B is a cartoonist living in NYC. She keeps herself woke by speculating on experiences that inspire feelings of alienation, segregation, shame, hope, and the sublime. Her intention is to expose lived encounters with intersectionality, with an emphasis on gender and race, and to create space for a visual dialectic on these themes.

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  • Harman Bains
    The Bathroom Cabinet

    Harman Bains is a London based writer. She is interested in the interiority of the human body, focusing mainly on biological extremes, psychosexual fantasy, transmutation and all manners of erotic mania. She strives to convey the horrifying density of flesh and the sickening tortures of the human mind alongside the persistence of sexual desire and aberration.

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  • Benjamin Edward Slinger
    A Nationalist's Semiotics

    Benjamin Edwin Slinger (b.1990, Sheffield) works often dealing with the thematics of white male institutional violence, analytics of depravity in 20th century artist persona, a lack of political fervidity in sculpture, material luxury through the eyes of the working class and paternal rejection. He works mostly within sculpture and expands these ideas into performance, video and writing. Currently living and working in London.

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  • Laura Morrison
    The Burning of the Coops

    Based in New York and London, Laura Morrison turns intimate personal and professional experiences into subjects, working with writing, video, performance, and painting to consider what it means to be both vulnerable and accountable. Morrison received her MFA from Goldsmiths, London, and has exhibited internationally. Recent projects include Safe at HOME, Manchester; Bain Marie at Res, London; Open Sessions at The Drawing Center, New York, USA. In October she will begin a studio residency at Pioneer Works in Brookyln, following a residency at I-park in Connecticut. Her writing has been published by journalMent, Cornerhouse and by Ingrid. 

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  • Stacy Skolnik
    Contact Call

    Stacy Skolnik is a poet and educator with an MFA from Brooklyn College. Her poetry and criticism has been published in the Adirondack Review, KGB Bar Lit Magazine, and Josephine Quarterly, among other magazines and journals. She lives in Brooklyn.

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  • Artun Alaska Arasli
    Apocalypse Later

    Artun Alaska Arasli (b. 1987) is an artist and a writer who lives in Amsterdam.

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  • Alex Margo Arden
    She Didn’t Follow The Stage Directions

    Alex Margo Arden is an artist based in London. Her recent projects include Gathering Place (AND/OR), Interjection Calendar Project (Montez Press). She has just graduated from Goldsmiths, University of London where she won the Hamad Butt Memorial Prize for exceptional promise. Her current project, entitled ‘You Can’t Smell When You’re Sleeping’, is investigative of the relationship/s between smell production/reception, corporative manipulation, networked nostalgia and collective trauma.

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  • Daniella Valz-Gen
    Naked Tangle Self

    Daniella Valz-Gen’s work is concerned with subjectivity, forms of otherness and liminality. Her practice expands through installation, drawing, text and performance.

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  • Sam Kenswil
    If I Come Can I Bring My Kid Too

    Samuel lives and works in Los Angeles. He is a recent graduate of Goldsmiths College, London. He has held solo exhibitions at Life Gallery, London, Room E-10 27, Paris, and Universal, Los Angeles (forthcoming), and has been published in SALT. Magazine.

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  • Skye Arundhati Thomas
    Amrita Sher-Gil: The Portraits

    Skye Arundhati Thomas is a writer from India currently based in London.

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  • Erin Eck
    You Are So Grand And Golden / Reflecting Pool

    Erin Eck is a gardener at the High Line in New York City. Much of her writing examines our collective desire and disdain for the biota that infiltrate our most highly constructed environments.

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  • Rebecca Jagoe
    Judith Holofernes

    Rebecca Jagoe (b. 1988) is an artist and art writer living and working in London. She is currently studying for an MA in Sculpture at the Royal College of Art, after graduating from a BA (Hons) Fine Art Practice at Goldsmiths. Her practice lies at the nexus of performance, text and sculpture, with an interest in how flesh, fleshiness and the notional ‘Body’ might be destroyed or reconstituted through these media. Throughout her work she seeks to question the legacy of classical philosophy on contemporary subjectivity, and how means of trying to make a subject comprehensible can become a form of violence. In 2013 Rebecca was Bökship writer in residence at Wysing Arts Centre. Recent shows have included ‘The Kiss’ at Blyth Gallery (2016), and ‘Rubber’ at Ladette Space (2015). Her writing has been published in EROS Journal (2015), It’s Nice That Printed Pages (2014), Paper Journal (2015) and Four by Three Magazine (2015). She is currently commissioning editor for E.R.O.S. Journal and is working on a collaborative novel with Fleur Melbourn, that will be written through the process of iterative performances.

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