Interjection Calendar
The Interjection Calendar is an online project, devised and hosted by Montez Press. Each month an artist or writer is commissioned to produce a new piece of work for release on our website. The PDF can be downloaded for free and there are 12 releases per year, in line with the calendar theme. At the end of the year the collection is published, demonstrating a diverse range of collaborations and experimental works. The calendar reflects the current importance of online content media, pushing image/text relationships in this domain through contemporary art writing.

2019/09 Son Kit – Anthro-Piscine War Machine / Appendix I&II


Son Kit is a learner and a doer, a mover, a maker, and a faker.

(JK about that last one).

First spawned in Los Angeles, CA, Kit scored their degrees in Visual Art and Literary Arts at Brown University in Providence, RI. They utilize video, illustration, installation and text to explore non-binary second-gen yellow narratives in pursuit of a New Canon of Korean-American Speculative Fiction Authored Entirely By Them. Kit has most recently exhibited with the New Museum, SPRING/BREAK Art Show, OUTLET, Associated Gallery, and Trestle Gallery, amongst others. They are a co-founder of Codify Art, a multidisciplinary collective of, and platform for, QTPOC artists.

2019/08 Georgina Tyson – Prosicute


Liverpool born, London-based artist, Georgina Tyson's practice is performance based data mining; a self indulgent exercise of intense oversharing over the Internet and digital media.

2019/07 Bella Milroy – It Smells Just As Sweet (A Rose Of A Different Name)


Bella Milroy (born Sheffield 1991) is an artist who lives in her hometown of Chesterfield, Derbyshire. She works responsively with found and archived material through mediums of sculpture, drawings, photography, text and writing. Gardening is also an important part of her creative practice. Her work explores how we touch and make contact with the world around us, with the hand-held being of particular significance. Using her personal perspective as a framework for a wider reflection of contemporary living, she makes work about making work (and being disabled) and not being able to make work (and being disabled). She is interested in the duality of every-day existence, and how things can be both beautiful/painful, both interesting/dull. This process-based practice is fundamental to her as a disabled artist, utilizing and working with the significant limits and demands of living with a chronic condition, all mixed in with the detritus of domesticity.

2019/06 Lætitia Paviani – Dawn & Dusk


Lætitia Paviani lives and writes in Paris. At the moment she has two jobs and one kid.

2019/05 Claudia Pagès – Take Root Nena, Take Root


Claudia Pagès lives and works in Barcelona. Pagès works with text, publishing it through printed matter, installations and sonic readings. She normally works in specific contexts, but her focus of research and interests has been on language, talkable text and forms of contemporary distribution and circulation where labor and biopolitics are interlaced, working on living labour and its performative aspects and dead labour in relation to circulation.

2019/04 Sondria – RANU


Sondria is an author, filmmaker, mother, and member of the afrofuturistic art collective #SNATCHPOWER based in Southern California. Her latest collection of fiction “Unthinkable Acts” is available on Amazon, and her new collection “The Carverians” is set to release Spring 2019. She is also a freelance social media content provider and has maintained online personas for the band Earth Wind and Fire, and the Pan African Film Festival. Her musings can also be found in the current issues of Reflekt Magazine, Dryland Literary Magazine, and Cultured Magazine.

2019/03 Adrianna Whittingham – Applist


Adrianna Whittingham is a London based performance artist and writer. Through absurdist and often disgustingly personal and sensory narratives, she explores her fixation upon and meaningful interactions with green Granny Smith apples. Her writing is carried out using a typewriter, and makes reference to her cultural heritage, as well as having political undertones.

2019/02 Hatty Nestor – I Hadn't Met Chelsea in Person


Hatty Nestor was Jerwood Arts Space 2017 writer in residence. She has published in The White Review, Frieze, Art in America, and many other publications.

2019/01 sabrina soyer & Lisa Robertson – Per joi que d’amor m’avegna


sabrina soyer is a writer and artist curently living in Paris. Her work involves many collaborations inside queer communities of artists and writers in the city. She is part of The Cheapest University.

Lisa Robertson is a Canadian poet and essayist living in the Nouvelle Aquitaine region of France. Recent publications: Proverbs of a She-Dandy (Belkin Gallery, Vancouver) and 3 Summers (Coach House, Toronto)

2018/12 Kerry Campbell – Curatorial Practice and Social Class: Challenging a Culture of Exclusion


Kerry Campbell is a freelance curator and producer. She currently works as the Public Programmes Curator for Bloc Projects gallery (Sheffield) and is the founder and curator of TMT Projects - a contemporary arts platform based in Luton Town.

2018/11 Chanel Vegas – London Seriously, Kill Me More


Chanel Vegas is an artist who works in London.

2018/10 Douglas Kearney – Over Deluxe AF


Douglas Kearney has published six books, most recently, Buck Studies (Fence Books, 2016), winner of the Theodore Roethke Memorial Poetry Prize, the CLMP Firecracker Award for Poetry and silver medalist for the California Book Award (Poetry). His work has been exhibited at the American Jazz Museum, Temple Contemporary, Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions, and The Visitor’s Welcome Center (Los Angeles). He studied at Howard University, Cave Canem, and California Institute of the Arts. Raised in Altadena, CA, he lives with his family just west of Minneapolis and teaches Creative Writing at the University of Minnesota–Twin Cities.

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