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Interjection Calendar 001

The Interjection Calendar is on and offline. It is devised and hosted by Montez Press. Each month an artist or writer is commissioned to produce a new piece of work for release on our website.

With the Calendar contributions from 2015 that are now available in print, Montez has initiated a transference back to bound material. This act tethers the precarious nature of the cloud and virtual existences to the concrete object, creating conversation and relationships between individual works, between the book and the download. The bound publication intersects the digital medium, as the digital and physical do not act freely from one another but are, rather, in a constant war for our undivided attention. What was previously released in the high speed of fiber optics, is now being pinned down forcefully on the page.

The collection features works by Simon Speiser, Ivna Žic, Chloe Stead, Niclas Riepshoff, A.M. Bang / LineType, Maria Toumazou, Hannah Regel / Hatty Nestor and Emily Pope

ISBN 978-3-945247-18-1

Year: 2016

Format: 210 × 297 mm


Pages: 121

Price: £ 27.00