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Interjection Calendar 003

Since 2015, each month an artist or writer has been commissioned by Montez Press to produce a new work for our website, made available as a free PDF download on After 12 months, it is taken offline, and at the end of the year the collection is published in print. Through this project, the contributors collectively create an ongoing international diary (of sorts), recording, arguably, the most tumultuous decade that the creative industries have experienced in recent history. Though The Interjection Calendar is comprised of twelve autonomous pieces of work which resist summarization, these pieces can be seen as a map navigated over the past year through art writing.

Nothing is free—forever. The online and print publications continue to be produced annually, despite possible redundancy, pushing the relationship between online content and printed matter. The importance of free media on the internet is paramount, now more than ever, as net neutrality disappears and content is left hanging in precarious impermanence. We remain suspicious of the ephemeral cloud, Alexa’s burning ears, and nesting devices. The power game between paper and terabytes is one that ought to be continuously questioned. So, while The Interjection Calendar offers a place to encounter a diverse range of materials online, its final form questions the archival strength of fiber optic cables. Forever is a long time.

With contributions by: Georgia Patience Anderson, Hans-Christian Dany, Ruth Angel Edwards, Liv Fontaine, Sarah Gail, Adam Gallagher, Penny Goring, Harmony Grunge, Tiziana La Melia, Aaron Lehman and Thomas Laprade, James Loop, Rosanna McNamara

ISBN 978-1-9999681-0-6

Year: 2018

Format: 100 × 155 mm


Pages: 298

Price: £ 13.50