Shortlisted Grants
Montez Press Writers Grant is a direct response to the unprecedented financial crisis caused by the pandemic. This grant exists to support artists and writers who lost income due to Covid 19, or who perhaps never had any to begin with. Upon receiving such an overwhelming amount of applications of such a high standard, we extended the grant in order to publish the shortlisted submissions too. We have worked closely with the recipients to develop their new works, which we are extremely proud of and excited to share. We’d like to thank all the artists and writers involved for their time, commitment and energy.

Alaa Taha – Two    Download

Alice Fraser – Diary of a Shetland Pint    Download

Aristilde Kirby – The Envoyelle: Notes on a Conditional Form    Download

Cairo Clarke – Presentism and Sonic Territories    Download

Carmen-Sibha Keiso – The Puritan and The Sleaze: Part One    Download

Claire Yspol – Fuchsia Survival Techniques    Download

Coco Klockner – Body-Music    Download

Dennis Brzek – An Example of Recent Work    Download

Elliot Murawski – Righting    Download

Hannah Hiaasen – Pandempatch    Download

Ivan Cheng – Renaissance    Download

Jamie Kane – The Midden    Download

Jazmina Figueroa – Infinite Whole    Download

Jean Yoon – Tails (Certain Memories)    Download

Jess Cole – THE GOOH    Download

K Patrick – A History Of Electricity    Download

Leah Clements – Rubatosis, Adronitis, Syntosi    Download

Lisette May Monroe – Heritage Brands    Download

M. Elizabeth Scott & Zoe Darsee – DEFIXIO    Download

Maria Blake – Pebbles    Download

Reece Griffiths – Beth    Download

Setare S. Arashloo – A Séance    Download

Zayne Armstrong – Gutshaus Gantikowkow    Download