• 19 May 201721 May 2017

    Montez Press at Offprint London

    Come visit us at this year's London Offprint art book fair edition! Offprint is taking place at the Turbine Hall of Tate Modern, and open to the public Friday 19 May 18 :00 – 22 :00 / Saturday 20 May 12 :00 – 20 :00 / Sunday 21 May 12 :00 – 18 :00.

    Tate Modern, Bankside, London, SE1 9TG

  • 14 April 201721:00

    Pfeil Magazine: double release with The Press Group

    The seventh issue of Pfeil (dedicated to "Page") is presented with a surprise and contributions by: Tomoo Arakawa, Ceal Floyer, Fort, Harry Gamboa, Karl Holmqvist, Clara Jo, William Joys, Moritz Lacler, Michaela Schweighofer, JR Wallner and Phillip Zach.

    Nachtasyl, Alstertor 1, 20095 Hamburg

  • 01 April 201717:00

    Book launch - Julie Béna: It Needed to be Tender and to be Whipped

    Hosted by Section7Books in Paris, we are delighted to launch a collection of the essential writings by artist Julie Béna from 2012 up to the present day, titled "It Needed to be Tender and to be Whipped"

    31 Passage du Ponceau, 75002 Paris, France

  • 25 March 201719:00

    Pfeil Magazine No.6 EXTRA and No.7 PAGE launch 

    Pfeil No.7  available from the 30th of March. The new issue of Pfeil - magazine in artists' words is dedicated to 'PAGE'.
    With contributions by: Tomoo Arakawa, Ceal Floyer, Fort, Karl Holmqvist, Clara Jo, William Joys, Moritz Lacler, Michaela Schweighofer, Jeffrey Wallner, Phillip Zach 
    Pfeil Magazine No.6 EXTRA and No.7 PAGE launch 
    Get your EXTRA eatable PAGE

    Unit 19, Penarth Centre Penarth Street SE15 1TR London

  • 19 February 201720 February 2017

    SALT. editors Hannah Regel, Thea Smith and Jala Wahid in conversation with Berlin-based writer and critic Chloe Stead.

    This conversation is the first part in a new Montez Press Interview series. Check out the interview here:

  • 17 February 201719:00

    An Evening with SALT. Magazine

    In conjunction with the release of SALT. #9: The Furies, Montez Press and Anagram Books invite you for an evening of readings by editors Jala Wahid, Hannah Regel and Thea Smith, together with SALT. contributors Caspar Heinemann and Holly White. 

    Lausitzer Str. 35, 10999 Berlin

  • 19 January 201719:30

    Laugh at eXperience - Release at Spike, Berlin

    We are happy to celebrate Tomoo Arakawa's book Laugh at eXperience with special suncream, personal autograph cards, LAX nipples and you!!!!!!!!!!!

    Spike Berlin Rosa-Luxemburg-Straße 45, 10178 Berlin, Germany

  • 11 November 201621 December 2016

    Montez Books at BOOKY MCBOOKFACE / Galerie Dorothea Schlueter

    Throughout the month, a selection of Montez publications will be on display at Dorothea Schlueter Gallery's event 'Booky McBookface'. A series of events and lectures will accompany presentations made by publishers such as Textem, Adocs Verlag and One % of One.

    Dorothea Schlueter, Galerie Große Bäckerstraße 4 20095 Hamburg

  • 06 November 201620:00

    Extra Extra Release Party for Pfeil Magazine#6 "Extra"

    A special supplement is announced by the Pfeil Magazine editors: As long as the stock lasts we are happy to provide an EXTRA EXTRA contribution by the British poet and contemporary artist David Robilliard (1952–1988) to the recent Pfeil Magazine #6. Many thanks to Esther Friedmann and Gallery Aurel Scheibler.

    Toast Bar Hamburg, Wohlwillstraße 54, 20359 Hamburg

  • 25 September 201614:00

    From Reel To Real: Women, Feminism And The London Film Maker's Co-operative at Tate Modern (pt2)

    Anna Thew, who received the Montez Grant for 2016, will be presenting the programme WEAVING TIME including her own first feature film, Hilda Was A Goodlooker at Tate Modern. The programme TRAPPED IN LANGUAGE will include her double screen Super 8 film, transferred to digital, Berlin Meine Augen (Berlin, My Eyes), and a re-construction of her multi-screen installation BLURT.

    A series of films challenging the power dynamics inscribed in language. 25 September 2016, 14.00–16.15 at Tate Modern

    Tate Modern

  • 19 September 201619:00

    From Reel To Real: Women, Feminism And The London Film Maker's Co-operative at Tate Modern

    Anna Thew, who received the Montez Grant for 2016, will be presenting the programme WEAVING TIME including her own first feature film, Hilda Was A Goodlooker at Tate Modern. The programme TRAPPED IN LANGUAGE will include her double screen Super 8 film, transferred to digital, Berlin Meine Augen (Berlin, My Eyes), and a re-construction of her multi-screen installation BLURT.

    A prologue to the Counter-Histories series From Reel to Real exploring issues of memory and transmission.

    Tate Britain

  • 16 September 201618 September 2016

    IABF – Independent Art Book Fair, New York

    Greenpoint Terminal Warehouse 67 West Street on the Greenpoint Waterfront

  • 16 September 201619 September 2016

    TABF – The Tokyo Art Book Fair

    Kyoto University of Art and Design, Tohoku University of Art and Design GAIEN CAMPUS 1-7-15 Kita-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo

  • 09 September 201611 September 2016

    Wiels Art Book Fair, Brussels

    Wiels Contemporary Art Centre, Avenue Van Volxemlaan 354, 1190 Brussels

  • 06 September 201619:00

    PFEIL Magazine #6 Release Party

    Dedicated to the specific theme of each issue, Pfeil Magazine oscillates between book, collection, and object. The key word of each theme adds to an indexical collection of word-objects as objects of obsession. Through this process, each word’s meaning is expanded, eroded, overused, misused, and ultimately enjoyed. Printed in the wide landscape format of 25.9 × 33.8 cm, the magazine offers each contributor the freedom of ten pages. To celebrate the ‘Extra’ themed 6th issue of Pfeil Magazine, Pfeil will be hosting a dumpling making event in which dumplings will be stuffed extra full. The contributing artists of the issue are: Harry Burke, Isolée, Sarah Księska, Nicole Ondre, Fion Pellacini, Dan Rees, Amanda Ross-Ho and Villa Design Group.

    Shan Fu Store, 1 Essex St. NY 10002

  • 25 August 201619:00

    Montez Press at Mathew NYC: Fence Books

    Founded in 1998 by Rebecca Wolff, Fence is a biannual journal of poetry, fiction, art, and criticism that has a mission to redefine the terms of accessibility by publishing challenging writing distinguished by idiosyncrasy and intelligence rather than by allegiance with camps, schools, or cliques. It is Fence’s mission to encourage writing that might otherwise have difficulty being recognized because it doesn’t answer to either the mainstream or to recognizable modes of experimentation. Fence is long-term committed to publishing from the outside and the inside of established communities of writing, seeking always to interrogate, collaborate with, and bedevil other systems that bring new writing to light. Launched in 2001, Fence Books publishes poetry, fiction, and critical texts and anthologies, and prioritizes sustained support for its authors, many of whom come to us through our book contests and then go on to publish second, third, fourth books. Representing Fence Books is Harmony Holiday; a poet, dancer and sound artist. She runs an archive of jazz poetics and teaches creative writing at Otis College. She has published two volumes of poetry with a third as well as her first LP coming out this fall. Accompanying her first book and LP, Harmony will be creating an afro-ballet (i.e. a series of dance pieces to accompany said book), in the tradition of choreographers like Bill T. Jones and Alonzo King. Loosely themed around the film and music from the film Ganja and Hess by Bill Gunn. In addition, Harmony plans to compose a separate book or liner notes poems and essays and sound pieces for the choreography as well as video documentation of her performance. Join Harmony on the 25th for an evening celebrating Amiri Baraka’s sound. First 50 attendees will receive a free copy of S O S: Poems 1961–2013, an anthology of Baraka’s poetry.

    Mathew NYC, 47 Canal Street, 2nd Floor, New York City, NY 10002

  • 18 August 201619:30

    Montez Press at Mathew NYC: Literary Hub

    Intensely interested in and dedicated to the collaborative spirit, Montez has developed a two month residency program to take place at MATHEW NYC, in association with a diverse range of small presses, literary resources, and artists. Each associated press/publication/site will be represented by an artist, who will have the opportunity to reside in the gallery for a week long period, during which they are invited to create a piece of publishable material.

    Mathew NYC, 47 Canal Street, 2nd Floor, New York City, NY 10002

  • 13 August 201618:00

    Montez Press at Mathew NYC: SALT. Magazine

    SALT. is a bi-annual feminist art magazine, and on going research project, acting as a platform for contemporary artists and writers to explore and reflect on the political within their work. Alongside the magazine SALT. also hosts exhibitions, symposiums and performances, and has worked in collaboration with the Tate, ICA, South London Gallery and Arcadia Missa. SALT. is published by Montez Press. SALT. will host an evening of readings and performances on the 13th of August, with contributions from Aliza Shvarts, Molly Davy, Lyle St, Sam Kenswill and Mali Collins. The artist, and SALT. contributor, Rose Goddard will be in residence at the gallery for the week preceding the 13th of August. The content from the evening of readings and performances, and Rose’s stay, will culminate in a small publication. Past and current issues of the magazine will be available for purchase at the gallery.

    Mathew NYC, 47 Canal Street, 2nd Floor, New York City, NY 10002

  • 28 July 201619:30

    Montez Press at Mathew NYC: Kaf Collective

    Kaf curates work that moves ‘toward and away from text’, work that interacts with body, image & sound, work that places value on the space between words, letters, genres, discourses, languages. Kaf is an inquiry into the very possibility of itself, as well as a sustained meditation on the political, geographic and cultural borders that obscure this possibility. As part of Kaf’s installation based on the ongoing project called ‘Index of New Words’ indexindexindex.com, which engages with generating new words, hybrid languages and meditates on the death of words and languages, visit MATHEW NYC for a set of readings and performances by poets and artists Miriam Atkin, Tom Haviv, Kurt Ralske, Owen Roberts, Rami Karim, and others.

    Mathew NYC, 47 Canal Street, 2nd Floor, New York City, NY 10002

  • 21 July 201619:00

    Montez Press at Mathew NYC: The Feminist Press

    Located at the City University of New York, The Feminist Press is an independent nonprofit literary publisher that promotes freedom of expression and social justice. It publishes writing by women and men who share an activist spirit and a belief in choice and equality. Celebrate the forthcoming novel ‘Bye Bye Blondie’ by feminist icon Virginie Despentes with an evening of art by designer Molly Crabapple, as well as readings of Despentes’ work by Nina Sparling, Ruth Curry, Blair Beusman, fiction writer and artist-in-residence Kait Heacock, and others.

    Mathew NYC, 47 Canal Street, 2nd Floor, New York City, NY 10002

  • 13 July 201619:00

    Montez Press at Mathew NYC: Hanging Loose Press

    The first issue of Hanging Loose magazine was published in 1966. The name was inspired by the format – mimeographed loose pages in a cover envelope – and that, in turn, was inspired by a very low budget. But the format was also meant to get across a point of view: that poetry is for now, not for the Ages. If you liked a poem, you could pin it to the wall. If you didn’t like a poem, you could use it as a napkin. Hanging Loose has published some 220 books and 106 issues – well over 10,000 pages of poetry, prose, and art – of Hanging Loose magazine. Join us as we celebrate the 50th anniversary of Hanging Loose Press, with readings by Jack Anderson, Kiyomi Dong, Bill Christophersen, and Stacy Skolnik.

    Mathew NYC, 47 Canal Street, 2nd Floor, New York City, NY 10002

  • 08 July 201618:00

    Montez Press at Mathew NYC: The Interjection Calendar

    The Interjection Calendar is on and offline. It is devised and hosted by Montez Press. Each month an artist or writer is commissioned to produce a new piece of work for release on www.montezpress.com interjection. The PDF can be downloaded for free and there are 12 releases per year, in line with the Gregorian calendar. At the end of each year, Montez initiates a transference back to bound material: this act tethers the precarious nature of the cloud and virtual existences to the concrete object, creating conversation and relationships between individual works, between the book and the download. The bound publication intersects the digital medium, as the digital and physical do not act freely from one another but are, rather, in a constant tug of war for our undivided attention. What is released in the high speed of fiber optics, is later pinned forcefully down on the page. We invite you to join us for an evening of readings by various Interjections Calendar contributors, and to enjoy an installation by artist-in-residence Alex Margo Arden who will be investigating the relationship between writing and smell production, and the difficulty of capturing a scent-work and subsequently reproducing it in print or online.

    Mathew NYC, 47 Canal Street, 2nd Floor, New York City, NY 10002

  • 01 July 201621 September 2016

    Montez Press at Mathew NYC: The Barnard Zine Library

    Barnard’s zines are written by women (cis- and transgender) with an emphasis on zines by women of color. The Barnard Zine Library collects zines on feminism and femme identity by people of all genders. The zines are personal and political publications on activism, anarchism, body image, third wave feminism, gender, parenting, queer community, riot grrrl, sexual assault, trans experience, and other topics. A Barnard Zine Library intern will be installing a small collection of zine covers and excerpts in the gallery, which will be available for perusal during any of the galleries aforementioned events or open hours.

    Mathew NYC, 47 Canal Street, 2nd Floor, New York City, NY 10002

  • 15 June 201618 June 2016

    I Never Read 2016

    Kaserne Basel, Klybeckstrasse 1b, CH-4057 Basel

  • 10 June 201612 June 2016

    Miss Read

    Akademie der Künste, Hanseatenweg 10, Halle 1+2, 10557 Berlin

  • 11 March 201619:00

    SALT. Issue 8 launch at South London Gallery

    The 8th issue of SALT. magazine themed Noli Me Tangere (touch me not), will be celebrated with an evening of performances, screenings and readings from Sarah Boulton, Bronte Dow, George Nesbit and Holly White.

    Clore Studio, South London Gallery, 65-67 Peckham Road, London SE5 8UH

  • 01 March 2016

    Montez Development Grant for Anna Thew

    Montez Press is pleased to announce a new Grant scheme offering Authors, artists and practitioners the opportunity of a funded six to twelve months to facilitate research towards an eventual publication. Montez Press is very happy to announce the first recipient of the Grant to artist and Filmmaker Anna Thew.

  • 25 November 201528 November 2015

    Montez at SPRINT Milano Independent publishers and artists’ books salon

    Join us at Sprint Milano!

    Via Pastrengo 12, 20159 Milano

  • 07 October 201519:00

    SALT. Issue 7 (Heterophobia): Launch at South London Gallery

    Montez invites you to the Launch of the latest issue of SALT. Issue 7: Heterophobia at the South London Gallery on the 7th of October at 6:30 pm with performances and screenings from from Aliza Shvartz, Rosie Reynolds, Hatty Nestor, James Sturkey, Daniella Vg and Rose Goddard. Salt Magazine announces the release of their 7th Issue-Heterophobia guest edited by Villa Design Group. Against the currency of the ‘post-identarian’, Heterophobia explores the productive possibilities of the phobic, the suspicious, and the negative as responses to the increasing culture of the visible in which the queer functions in the present. Following in lead of the political right’s recent call to protect their phobia as basic freedom, heterophobia explores the ways in which a fearful response to heteronormative structures and ideals often in the name of equality, might provoke new chains of affect and desire which might restructure the very processes by which fear and or love is named.

    South London Gallery, 65-67 Peckham Road, London SE5 8UH

  • 26 June 201519:00

    ON THE ROCKS & The Interjection Calendar Hamburg Release at ‘Central Congress’

    Montez Press’ most recent publication is ‘On The Rocks’ by Gjergji Shkurti, a collection of short stories, set inside the tectonic grid of New York City, with drawings by LINETYPE. ‘On The Rocks’ is uncompromising in its aggressive structure and dead serious humour, it is an amalgamation of stunt man action films, coded love stories, artistic destructions and architectural investigations. These narratives are set against drawings that corroborate, question, diffuse and expand the text rather than simply depict or explain it. The drawings and text collide to push each other into a territory where architecture and fiction are simultaneous, creating a rich and textured inquiry into capitalist New York taken to its outer extreme. Furthermore we will welcome the newest piece in Montez Press’ ongoing Interjection Calendar edition: ‘Lovely Little Hostages’ by AM Bang: the work juxtaposes sound, language and imagery across the Japanese landscape. The results are narratives constructed out of the paradox and pleasure that one encountered when traveling through unfamiliar physical and psychological terrain.

    Central Congress, Steinstraße 5, 20095 Hamburg

  • 23 June 201519:00

    ON THE ROCKS Berlin Release at ‘Image Movement’

    Montez is happy to announce the Berlin release of ON THE ROCKS at Image Movement.

    Image Movement, Oranienburger Str. 18, 10178 Berlin

  • 20 June 201518:30

    ON THE ROCKS Boat Launch Party

    Boat cruise for ‘On the ROCKS’ book launch Embark: 8:30 pm at Schifflände Basel Departure: 8:45 pm Basel Schifflände Arrival: 10:00 pm Basel Schifflände CRUISE & COCKTAILS

    Schifflände Basel

  • 17 June 201520 June 2015

    I Never Read 2015

    Join us at I Never Read, during Art Basel. We will do a live Radio program on Sat. 20th 1–2pm, featuring Gjerji Shkurti, Chloe Stead, Tyler Putnam and A.M.Bang.

    Kaserne Basel, Klybeckstrasse 1b, CH-4057 Basel

  • 01 June 201531 August 2015

    Mumok Summer Program

    MUMOK is presenting a display of Montez publications as part of their summer program

    Museumsplatz 1, 1070 Wien, Austria

  • 23 May 201513:00

    Huw Lemmy at De Ateliers, Amsterdam

    Huw Lemmey will give a talk as part of *The Cedar Tavern*, a program of talks, performances and screenings at *De Ateliers*.

    Stadhouderskade 86, 1073 AT Amsterdam, The Netherlands

  • 16 May 201516:00

    Le Petit Versailles Community Gardens: CHUBZ

    Readings from Huw Lemmey, Onyeka Igwe and Ed Lehan.

    Le Petit Versailles Community Gardens, E Houston St, New York, NY 10009

  • 15 May 201519:30

    CHUBZ New York Launch with Huw Lemmey and McKenzie Wark

    Join Huw Lemmey and McKenzie Wark for the New York launch of CHUBZ

    Interstate Projects, 66 Knickerbocker Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11237

  • 14 February 201505 October 2015

    Montez Press at Kunstverein Hamburg

    We are happy to announce Kunstverein Hamburg’s invitation:
 Montez Press is guest from 2/14 to 5/10 2015.
All Montez publications on display and ready for you to browse in the reading area – and of course also for sale!

    Kunstverein in Hamburg, 
Klosterwall 23
, 20095 Hamburg

  • 18 December 201416:00

    Release: Der Pfeil #4 (Immobilie)

    Planten und Blomen / Indoo Eisarena