Montez Press
Sahar Muradi, Allie Wist
TRYST 2: A Ritual In X Movements

A gesture toward the potential of unity, trust, and political and artistic dialectics, each installment of TRYST asks one visual artist and one writer to bring their unique perspectives to the table, letting their views and voices meet, marry, clash, and ultimately coalesce into an integrated and multifaceted work.

Sahar Muradi was born in Afghanistan and raised in the U.S. She has a thing for approximations, for nearing the ineffable. A word after a word after a word. A gesture after a gesture after a gesture. Almost somewhere.

Allie Wist allegedly has ancestors from the Black Forest of Bavaria. She likes to dig up memories but often does not know what to do with them. Maybe there are meanings in staged rituals. She found out recently that the earth has her own rituals, too.

ISBN 978-1-9999681-6-8

Year: 2018

Format: 143 × 210 mm

Binding: staple bound

Pages: 323

Price: £ 8.00