Montez Press
Pfeil Magazine 6

Dedicated to the specific theme of each issue, Pfeil Magazine oscillates between book, collection, and object. Taking the form of a key word, each theme adds to an indexical collection of word-objects as objects of obsession. Through this process, each word’s meaning is expanded, eroded, overused, misused and ultimately enjoyed.

Contributions by: Harry Burke
, Isolée, 
Sarah Ksieska
, Nicole Ondre, 
Fion Pellacini
, Dan Rees
, Amanda Ross-Ho, Villa Design Group
Editors: Anja Dietmann, Janina Krepart, Niclas Riepshoff

ISBN 978-3-945247-19-8

Year: 2016

Format: 240 × 340 mm

Binding: perfect bound

Pages: 84

Price: £ 12.00