Montez Press
Pfeil Magazine 8

Dedicated to the key word “Ex”, as in something that is empty, that is gone, that is over, or...? This edition experiments with classical periodical sections which include, for instance: reviews, a science section, a fictional interview, essays and a recipe for dogs. As a printed exhibition, one capable of being in different places at the same time, all contributions are made by artists and specifically developed for the publication.

Contributions by: Monika Baer, Hans Bussert, Katharina von Dolffs, Carsten Fock, Gerrit Frohne-Brinkmann, Burk Koller, Denis Kudrjasov, Jonathan Monk, Nicole Ondre, Tobias Peper, Stella Rossié, Anne Schwätzler, Chloe Stead, Sue Tompkins, Bernhard Willhelm
Editor: Anja Dietmann

ISBN 978-3-945247-26-6

Year: 2017

Format: 240 × 340 mm

Binding: perfect bound

Pages: 76

Price: £ 12.00